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You want to send me an application for an internship, PhD, or other position here at the University of Twente?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • All specific job openings that we have are listed on the central vacancies site of UT. You will also have to apply via this portal to any of these positions (not internships).
  • If you apply for one of these vacancies, I expect you to send in an application that explicitly addresses the needs and requirements described in the job posting. I put a significant effort in creating a good description, so you should do so likewise in creating a good and specific application.
  • In general, we do not hire people without having an explicit vacancy available. Exceptions may be, if you bring your own funding and/or are an outstanding candidate from an outstanding university with outstanding reference letters from outstanding colleagues. You get the idea? ;-) In both cases, you may send an email and we will discuss your case in detail. The more specifically your email addresses why you are the right candidate for us and we are the right place for you, the higher your chances of being read and considered.
  • The same is valid for internships.
  • I receive a lot of applications, most very unspecific, often not even mentioning my name, our University or group, or which position the candidate applies for. I consider this another form of impolite spam and just send you a reply pointing at this webpage. I hope you learn from it to raise your chances for future applications.
  • If you haven't received an answer after 1 week, you may send an inquiry, but please do not just re-send your application in a second spam wave.

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